Have you noticed after heavy rain that your yard has standing water or other drainage issues? If so, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several different ways to correct this issue. You are not alone, improper drainage is a common issue for both homeowners as well as commercial property owners in Sykesville, MD, and across the country! Classic signs of improper drainage can often start with little puddles appearing in your lawn and flower beds or patches of mud that seem to linger after the rain has subsided. What causes the soil to retain this moisture? 

There are many common causes for drainage issues and there are many solutions as well. Here are a few of the more common causes for poor drainage.

  • Improper pitch or slope to your yard 
  • Wrong length of gutter downspouts
  • Impacted soil 
  • Decorative rocks placed in areas blocking drainage 
  • Front walkways blocking flow to the storm drain
  • Runoff erosion from improperly placed downspouts

Two common remedies for drainage issues are french drains and dry wells. French drains are typically a long trench filled with gravel (or other substrate materials) and a drainage pipe that runs the length of the house to the drain. We then cover the pipe with a filter, soil, and/or river stone at grade level. These are great drains and can be installed nearly anywhere on a property. Unlike creek beds or drainage swales, French drains utilize a buried piping instead of a redirecting trench for the runoff on a graded surface.

Dry wells on the other hand are typically installed at the end of swales, creeks, or French drains to collect and then disperse water to the surrounding soil, not to redirect away from a property. Usually, a sleeve of weighted drainage fabric or a large concrete/metal basin with several holes along its sides will be utilized to help the water that is collected drain out into the nearby soil.

Effective drainage is an important step in maintaining your property and protecting it from flooding. We can help fix your drainage solution issues and deliver the protection you need to enjoy a puddle-free outdoor experience. Call us today at (800) 345-8873 or visit our site to complete our contact form.