Fall is now here and what better way to get out and enjoy the cooler weather than working in your yard. The changing colors of the falling leaves and acorns are great for squirrels but not for your lawn. Fall is a good time to:

Plant new trees and shrubs

During the fall, the temperature of the air is cooler than the soil which encourages the new roots to grow without new top growth. The fall weather also brings more moisture to the soil, allowing the new root systems to get better established.

Plant bulbs for a pop of spring color

These should be planted when the soil is cool, usually when evening temps average between 40° to 50 deg; F. It is best to plant bulbs 6-8 weeks on average before the ground freezes.

Divide, transplant  and prune perennials that are overgrown

A good rule of thumb is to move spring perennials in the fall and fall perennials in the spring, but wait until they have finished blooming.

Replenish mulch

This helps keep root systems warm and protected from the cold weather and deters weed growth.

Aeration and overseeding

This will naturally fight off weeds, allow new seeds to grow better root system and prevent thatch overgrowth

Plant winter Pansies, Ornamental Kale, Cabbage and Fall Mums

These will provide a warm and welcoming curb appeal to your home or business

Keep your lawn and garden raked clean of leaves and debris

Removing leaves and debris will prevent mold in your yard, which can destroy your lawn and beds. It also prevents good air and water flow, which can inhibit the growth of your lawn in the spring.

Taking these steps now will ensure you have an inviting and healthy looking landscape throughout the year. If you would like professional care from our technicians, we are here to help. We can perform these lawn and yard care services for residential as well as commercial properties in the Sykesville, MD area.  Call us today at (800) 345-8873.