Brick has come a long way from the traditional red brick most of us imagine. With its wide array of colors, sizes, and textures; brick is quite the versatile building material that can definitely add a flare of dimension and texture that no other material can. Here are a few examples you may consider if you are thinking of adding brick to your Sykesville, MD landscape

Linking areas of your property together with brick has a way of blending and connecting spaces in a seamless way. From a walkway to your garden from your house, or from a pool surround to your patio, brick creates a cohesion that is not only adding function but is also pleasing to the eye. 

In opposition, brick is also used often to separate different spaces on your property. For residential purposes, brick walls can be used to section off areas that you have a single purpose for such as a patio, BBQ, gardening, etc. 

As with any artistic canvas, your landscape can be used to create patterns of unique design and structure which is guaranteed to stand out from the rest of your landscape. Think of adding basketweave, herringbone, or other pattern variations for an innovative and one of a kind look.

Brick is no longer just the traditional red, though there can definitely be room in your landscape for the crimson variety, consider incorporating other shades as well such as blue, tan, gray, or even black. Whether you are going for a bold statement or a more classic feel, you can play with the colors and textures to create the perfect look for your property. 

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