Most commercial businesses use shrubs to line walkways, add texture and green to landscapes and brighten up parking islands in expansive parking lots. Many people are unaware that just like everything else alive, they have a lifespan and many shrubs are kept long after they should. Even though they may still be green, it doesn’t mean that they are still healthy. It is important to know when to let them go. 

There are many factors that affect their lifespan, such as stress, disease, planting in improper locations, and weather. Knowing this, what can you do to maximize their lifespan? We offer some helpful tips here.

Proper pruning will go a long way to keep your shrubs healthy. They don’t like being cut into tight shapes and designs, they need a little room. Pruning them looser, for a more natural pruned look, allows them to look good all the time and never go from the extremes of overgrown to just trimmed bare.

Don’t bury them in mulch either. Piling it up too high along the bottom of the plant can be a breeding ground for insects to attack. 

Having a professional landscaper maintain a routine fertilizing and pest control regime will go a long way to fight off critters that would otherwise make a meal out of your shrubs and landscape. They will know the proper time of year to combat pests when they are most active and cause the most damage. 

Our Sykesville, MD landscape experts are shrub experts and we keep up to date on all the healthy tips and tricks to keep your shrubs looking their best. We will also let you know when new ones are needed. Give us a call today (800) 345-8873 and let our professional crew take care of your commercial property landscape now.