Large industrial buildings and warehouses have unique needs compared to those of smaller commercial buildings, office buildings, and especially residential landscapes. With their unique shape, busy loading docs and large parking lots, they require a more low maintenance approach but that does not mean the landscaping needs to be minimal. Adding trees, highlighting entrances, and bringing attention to your signage are just a few things you can do to add character, color, and appeal to your property. 

Trees are a great addition to any property but they really help to add not only shade to hot parking lots but also a much needed vertical lift to an otherwise long, plain, horizontal building. Giving the eyes something to look at besides the bare walls of a distribution center can go a long way to increase the aesthetics of your property. 

Adding trees with different colored bark and leaves can add a nice pop of color to the massive industrial beige and white building behind them. Placing them in parking islands, along walkways, and entrances to the building can create a more welcoming appearance. To keep them lower in maintenance, go for native trees. 

Another great, low maintenance option is adding native trees to parking lot islands. Since there is no irrigation to theses spaces, native trees are hardy and tolerant to drought. Adding gravel or river rocks here, as well as around the building, instead of dense plantings, can stand up better to foot traffic while also deterring rodents to live in these spaces and tunneling into your building. Creeping juniper or hardy, inexpensive perennial grass-like plants can also be an attractive addition while still being strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic. 

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