During the winter, everything can look a bit dim and grey-like as plants and trees lay dormant. Though you’ll still have to wait for all the vibrant colors and shades of spring, we do have a few suggestions, from plants to hardscapes and decor, to help spruce up your property a bit while you wait for spring to arrive!

When selecting plants for your winter landscape, of course, it is important to select ones that can tolerate colder temperatures, some suggestions we have would be:

  • Christmas Rose
  • Daphne Bholua
  • Lily-of-the-Valley Bush
  • Mahonia
  • Red River Lily
  • Witch Hazel
  • Winter Jasmine

Obviously, flowering plants are not the only thing you can use to keep your garden more colorful during the winter months. Other options include:

  • Adding bark
  • Planting evergreens
  • Adding ornamental bay grasses

When you look around your yard in the winter, you will see areas where it is barren. This might be the perfect time to consider a more permanent addition, such as a bench or a fire pit.

If you’re planning a new summer addition to your property, it may be best to start your project in the fall and finish it in the winter so that it can be ready to enjoy in the months to come. This leaves time to add new plantings when  spring arrives to enhance your new hardscape, patio, or pathways throughout your property

This is also a great time to invest in outdoor furniture. If you had outdoor seating or cushions from last season, check them over to see if any have become sunbleached, torn, or if any of your wicker, plastic or wood furniture outside is starting to peel, crack, unravel, or warp. Take the time to repair or replace these things now will normally cost less than during spring and summer months and will also mean you are ready to entertain and enjoy your outdoor spaces earlier!

If you are ready to add some new hardscape features or brighten up your bland winter landscape, give us a call today at (800) 345-8873 to talk to our design team. We would love to help you create the perfect space for you to enjoy for years to come. Ask us about all of our other landscape services as well!