If your yard or basement floods after every heavy rain, you may have improper or inadequate draining which can cause costly damage to your foundation as well as to your landscape and basement. By adding something as simple as a french drain to your yard you can easily mediate this issue. A French drain is a trench drain which moves the collected water away from your home or yard. It is one of the easier and more economical home improvement projects that will reap huge benefits immediately.

If you have noticed that your yard is always collecting water, while your neighbor is always dry, there are a few culprits for this landscape injustice. Soil from one home to another can vary enough to make this difference. If your soil is too compact or has too much clay in it, then it will not have enough room for water to be absorbed into the ground, causing the water to gather and stay above ground.

The contours of your yard can also affect your yards drainage ability and cause water to pool in undesirable places. If your lawn is mostly flat, was not graded properly, or if your yard is lower than your neighbors, you will find that your yard will always be affected, as well as your home, if it is pooling near the foundation or basement.

French drains, although an easy fix to drainage problems, still entail a fair amount of work to implement them properly. It is not as simple as laying pipe in a dug out trench. If you are looking to dry out your lawn, a different type of french drain will be needed than if you are trying to protect your foundation, where you will need more of a moat type linear drain. Knowing where to start the drain and where to have the water properly run off to is also important. You don’t want to drain all the water into your neighbor’s yard, or worse, into another part of your home, creating even more issues for you.

Hiring a trained landscaper to come to your Sykesville, MD home, access the drainage issues and design the perfect solution for your specific yard is the best way to ensure your yard will be protected from pooling water. Give us a call today at (800) 345-8873 to schedule an estimate for your French drain.