There is no disputing that green spaces help to relieve tension and stress. They are a welcome escape from everyday life. A well planned and maintained landscape can have these same benefits for employees and customers at your commercial property. Having a space to escape during lunch or to take a short stroll during a break can make all the difference some days. 

This may seem like a great reason in and of itself to have a well-manicured landscape, but perhaps equally as important is how it can affect the value of your property, by as much as 15-20 percent! A surprising fact is that trees actually increase the value of a property over some other improvements which can depreciate over time! Here are a few other interesting facts about the value trees add to your property: 

  • Large, mature trees provide ample shade for enjoyment and are priceless to any landscape.
  • Trees that are a focal point for the front of your property give more value than those that are toward the back of a property. They do not add as much shade or character to the property. 
  • Depending on the species of tree, some will be more valuable than others. 

Maintenance is a key step in having a lush landscape for everyone to enjoy on your property. No one wants to spend time on brown, dried out grass, it’s just not as appealing. Properly trimmed trees, hedges, shrubs, and weed-free flower beds will give your property a clean and enjoyable appearance, while also helping to increase your curb appeal and value. 

With a professional crew tending to your regular pruning, planting, watering, weed control, and pest/disease prevention treatments, your commercial property will look its best and continue to be a jewel of tranquility for your customers and tenants. 

Selecting the right Sykesville, MD landscaping company to maintain and care for your property is a very important choice since they will be crafting the appearance of your property’s first impression. If you are looking for a professional and dedicated team, contact us today at (800) 345-8873.