Pavers are a great addition to your landscape and can give an updated look to your property while also accentuating your existing features. They are made of durable interlocking materials (concrete, stone, and brick) and come in varying sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. The design opportunities are almost limitless. From patios to driveways and beyond, they are a great fit for most outdoor projects. 

Wonderful For Walkways

A walkway highlights planting and entertainment areas in your yard. Pavers add a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance to walkways than a traditional poured concrete walk because you can create different designs, patterns and curves depending on the type, size and color of pavers used. Mixing both large and smaller pavers allows you an easier curved pathway. Looking for a more uniform look, stick with pavers of the same size. 

Beautiful Borders

Pavers make a fantastic border for your landscaping. Installed along beds, they make a great mowing strip, making it easy for the wheels of mowers to drive over the pavers and still reach grass along the edge of the bed. They are also a great option as a border to keep loose material walkways, like gravel and mulch, and keep them from being washed away. 

Fashionable Fire Pits

If you are looking to add a fire pit to your property to create a welcoming entertainment area, consider pavers as a fantastic decorative surround. Although the inside bricks used to build the pit should be able to withstand high temps, such as firebricks, surrounding the outside of the fire pit with pavers can create an eye-catching design. Utilizing smaller pavers will allow a more precise curve if your pit is circular, while larger pavers would be a great option for square or rectangular pits. 

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