The summer heat will be here soon, so even with all this rain, it is time to start your summer lawn care routine for your Sykesville, MD property! Protecting your grass from the heat of summer is important to ensure you have a lush green lawn to enjoy and maintain your curb appeal. Here are a few simple steps to follow.

In order to keep your grass from being stressed or getting too dry in the heat, raise your mower to a height of 3.5” – 4.5” and to prevent damage to your grass, do not reduce the height of your grass by more than one third. 

To maximize the amount of water absorption, start early in the morning, to allow time for the moisture to reach down to the roots of your grass.  Most lawns require about 1 to 1 ½ inches of water each week. 

A great way to rejuvenate your lawn after the heat of summer is to aerate. This step gives your lawn more room for water, air, and nutrients to reach the root system of your grass, making it healthier and strong for the following spring and summer. Aerating also helps to dry out your lawn during the rainy season, such as we are experiencing now. Remember to avoid compaction, do not walk on your lawn when it waterlogged. You’ll also want any debris and excessive soil removed from your lawn and landscape to avoid future drainage issues.

If this all sounds like more work than you want to deal with, give Estes Landscaping a call today at (800) 345-8873. Our professional crews are experts in both commercial and residential lawn care, as well as landscaping design and maintenance, hardscape construction, seasonal cleanup, and much more. We will make your property look its best!