There are many ways to spruce up your landscape to increase your curb appeal and to make it more pleasant to spend these long, lazy summer days in. Here are just a few ideas that can quickly add character and color to your landscape.

  • Adding or Updating Flower Beds: Beds can be designed into virtually any shape and size that will enhance the look of your home. Adding fresh new plantings with a variety of colors as well as fresh mulch for a nice clean finished look.
  • Add an eye-catching focal point: Adding some hanging plants to your garden will help lift the eyes above the usual sightline.
  • Select the right trees and shrubs: There is no shortage of options for trees and shrubs however, selecting ones that are not meant for your specific area will lead to frustration. We can help you select the perfect trees and shrubs for our Maryland climate.
  • Don’t forget the mulch: Mulch helps your beds in so many ways! Not only does it add a finished look to your landscape it also helps to retain moisture, helps to minimize temperature fluctuations for your plantings and with its wide variety of colors and materials you can change it up each season for a different look.
  • Add a water feature: The therapeutic sound of flowing water is a great addition for any property.  Fountains, ponds, and waterfalls can be a beautiful investment into your landscaped oasis.
  • Don’t forget the hardscaping: Have you been dreaming of the perfect patio for entertaining or a winding walkway through your garden? From pavers to retaining walls, hardscaping can really accentuate a property.

We can help create the perfect outdoor environment for your home. From hardscape installation to seasonal cleanup and lawn care, our talented crews are ready to make your Sykesville, MD summer garden and landscape a reality, so give us a call today (800) 345-8873.