Have you been looking for the right tree to plant on your property? Many property owners have a hard time deciding which tree to select that will grow quickly, provide shade as well as a beautiful canopy for their landscape. Oak trees are often thought to be slow-growing since they can grow to show majestic sizes, however, there are several varieties that can actually grow quite rapidly. If you have been dreaming of a summer afternoon picnic under a large oak tree in your yard, we’ve broken down the top 3 fastest growing oak trees for our specific area and climate. It will take several summers to get to that size, but not as long as you might think! 

1. Northern Red Oak

This magnificent tree can grow well in zones 3-8 making it one of the most common oaks in the United States. Growing taller rather than wider, (up to 75 feet tall and  50-foot wide), the Northern Red Oak shows off its classic multi-lobe oak leaf with pointed ends, a classic fall image. We love this tree because it does hold its branches well so it is a tree that can be a safer choice for urban properties and homes. This tree also hosts a beautiful display of fall’s brilliant shades of red to rust just before falling to the ground. 

2. Pin Oak

Another classic is the Pin Oak. Grows well in zones 4-8 so it is another great option for our local area. Although it does not grow as tall as the Northern Red Oak, it peaks at a height of about 70 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Pin Oak’s are easy to spot because of their unique branching habit. The upper branches point up, while the middle branches point out, and the lower branches point downwards. The leaves look similar to the above Northern Red Oak and during fall will change to various hues of orange, rust, copper, and red. When young they will mostly hold their leaves throughout the winter, but as they mature they will drop more in the Fall season.

3. Sawtooth Oak

The Sawtooth Oak can grow in zones 5-9. This large oak tree can grow up to 60 feet tall and wide. The leaves are what give the tree the name “Sawtooth” Oak since the leaves are shaped much differently from a traditional oak. This tree’s leaves are oblong and have little bristles at the edges giving them the look of a saw blade and turning in the fall to shades of yellow and brown. This oak will hold much of its leaves during the winter, making it a decent windbreak.

It is important to note that oaks are susceptible to oak wilt disease though it is not as common in trees that are well maintained and pruned on a consistent basis. Even though oak trees are hardy trees and require minimal maintenance, it is important to keep up on their pruning schedule to ensure the health of the tree and the safety of your property. 

Already have some trees on your property that are needing some maintenance? Ready to add a fast-growing oak to your Maryland landscape, or do you have trees that you would like removed? We can handle it all with just a call or visit our website to learn about all of our services.