What is soil erosion? 

Soil erosion is the process of your topsoil being washed away and deposited into nearby waterways. The problem with this process is that along with your topsoil, fertilizers, as well as pesticides, are also sent into the waterways. This can affect the health of the area’s wildlife and ecosystems nearby. For your landscape, it means that the nutrients vital to the health of your landscape are being removed from your plants and lawn while also creating gullies and bare spots on your property. So, what can be done to avoid this process? Here is some insight from our professional team.

How To Control Soil Erosion?

  • If you have areas that slope on your property, planting native plants and ground coverings in your landscape can help stabilize the soil because of their long root systems. These roots create a natural terrace system that holds the soil in place, ending the runoff and erosion. You may also want to consider adding retaining walls or decreasing the slope to better secure your landscape from erosion. 
  • Bare soil will easily erode any time of year. It is important to keep plants, straw or mulch on any bare spots to avoid erosion. 
  • Protect your landscape from the flow of water from your downspouts by placing stones at its base to reduce the impact of the force. 
  • Are there areas on your property where water pools? Adding rain collection barrels to your downspouts, french drains to areas that commonly pool, drainage swales, as well as rain gardens, are also wonderful options that have a very natural appearance and are virtually unnoticeable but are very effective. Rain collection barrels help to not only avoid erosion but can also be used for irrigation. 
  • Instead of hardscapes made of concrete, which does not absorb water very well, consider using pavers, bricks, flagstone or crushed stone set in sand for your pathways. These materials work better to avoid flooding and erosion.

Any method used to help reduce your soil’s erosion will benefit your landscape as well as the environment around you. If you would like help designing the perfect soil erosion solution for your Sykesville, MD property, give us a call today at (800) 345-8873.