Fall is almost over and winter nearly here. If you are already longing for the beautiful mixture of colors in spring, you may not have to wait until then to see them again! We have collected a list of some beautiful additions for your winter landscape and gardens that are rated for the Maryland-DC area hardiness zones. Take a look to see which ones you may want to add for some color and life back into your garden.

Mahonia: this shrub, aka Beale’s barberry, is quite prickly, can easily grow 8 to 12 feet tall, has yellow bloom and provides birds an opportunity to snack on its berries during the winter months. It is best planted away from walkways and high traffic areas because of its prickly nature.

Daphne Bholua: specifically the ‘‘Jacqueline Postill’ variety, comes from Nepal and will delight your senses with its long, green narrow leaves decorated with fragrant, white blooms that appear as we enter into midwinter.  

Lily-of-the-Valley Bush: ‘Pieris japonica’ originates from Japan and will grace your landscape with clusters of dainty white blossoms that erupt in winter and spring from pink buds and can grow 10 feet in diameter and 12 feet in height.

Christmas Rose: This relative of the buttercup family has very little difficulty growing and blooming even in the darker months of winter. As an evergreen, it prefers to be placed under deciduous trees to find shelter from the direct summer sun but allow it’s 2 to 4-inch white blooms, occasionally kissed with tinges of pink, to bask in the winter sun.

Witch Hazel: available in several varieties, will fill your winter garden with savory scented flowers as early as January (some varieties) in a bouquet of reds, oranges, copper, and yellows.

If you are ready to adorn your Sykesville, MD landscape and garden with some winter beauty that will fair well throughout the year, give us a call today at (800) 345-8873. We hope you and your family enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!