Deciding to add a hardscape element to your home can be both exciting and exhausting. Envisioning what you want and implementing it are two entirely different things. We have seen it happen too many times when homeowners try to do it themselves only to call us frustrated. We hope this article helps highlight a few things to consider before starting a hardscape project and the benefits of working with a professional.

Before you begin, consider what your ultimate goal is for the entire space you are looking to add hardscaping to. Think of the style you are trying to achieve and then stick to materials that will provide it. If you want a relaxed, natural environment, you don’t want to add large statues or cover it mostly in concrete. It is also advised to have a small variety of textures in your hardscape.

Consider what types of plantings you will want to incorporate as well. They should flow naturally with the curves and transitions of the hardscape. Avoid sharp lines with your hardscapes if you are looking for a more relaxed and natural look.

If you want to build something now and plan to add on in the future, you want to make sure that your current build will not affect anything in the future. You need to leave room for future builds, landscaping, etc. Also, consider where you build, this could affect things such as drainage. You don’t want runoff to pool in areas that can damage your home, landscape or other structures.

Hiring a professional who understands your overall design goals will help minimize errors and help create your dream oasis. They understand the complexity of building and have the experts on hand that will take into account things like grading, drainage, site preparation, and structural load.

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