Your landscape is an important part of your property. It is the first impression to potential customers coming to your businesses or to visitors to your home. We understand the importance of landscapes and the investment you have put into yours. With proper care and maintenance, your landscape will be the jewel of your property, even in winter. We offer a few tips to help transition your landscape from the warmer days of fall into the cold of winter. 

Think about having expired annual plants removed from your landscape before winter sets in. Removing these now will ensure your landscape doesn’t look like a horticulture graveyard. Many plants that flooded your landscape with color through spring and/or summer will succumb to the elements with the first real frost. Ask your landscape team to remove any unwanted annuals that are on their last leg to make room for either one last splash of fall colors or just leave the space open to be replanted again in the spring. This will leave your landscape looking clean and tidy throughout winter. 

Ask to have mulch added to your landscape to protect your plants during the winter. Mulch acts as an insulating blanket to the root systems of your plants and shrubs while also combating the harsh cold and drying effect of winter by retaining moisture. It is also a great weed barrier and delivers a polished finish to any landscape. 

A good rule of thumb for mulch is to have 2 to 3 inches of quality hardwood bark mulch spread around the base of all plants, shrubs, and trees. This will help them to better endure the winter months and protect their roots, especially for young plantings from spring. 

If you have any delicate plants, shrubs or trees that may not be as hardy in the dead of winter, it is suggested to have them wrapped with burlap to protect them from the whipping winds, snow, ice, and cold dry air.  It will also help to ensure they do not look ragged or beat down when spring comes around again. For smaller plantings, you can cover them with overturned boxes, buckets, pots or the like, to protect them. 

For properties in the Sykesville, MD area, our knowledgable commercial and/or residential landscaping crews can help protect your landscape throughout the year. Give us a call today at (800) 345-8873.